The Kolor Lounge is a space specializes in hair color.  Because we focus on hair color, most of our time and passion is devoted to learning, perfecting and creating trends in the world of hair color. Education and an artistic eye is the way to beautiful hair but by combining that with a scientific approach I can provide you solutions to consistency, saving time and money.


I continue to educate myself in the latest styles and hair cutting techniques to guarantee a cut to complement your style and features. I take into consideration your needs, your facial shape and your life style to ensure you receive a haircut you will be happy with long after you leave my salon. All of my hair cuts include shampoo Blow dry & styling.


I'm a master at taming frizzy, too curly, unmanageable hair as well as imparting luxurious volume into fine, lifeless tresses. Both of these retexturing services are performed with the utmost concern for your hair’s continuing health and vitality.

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A Paul Mitchell Focus Salon

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Strengthening shampoos, deep conditioning, styling sprays, color repair, kids shampoo & more!


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